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Closer to The Dream!! In case you dont know, one of the things that I see myself doing in the future is studying humans' behaviour.

I am studying psychology (that is one of my biggest passions) and I am also collaborating with a group of researchers whose main focus is in memory. This year Dr. Albuquerque (the coordinator of this group and whom I am so grateful) gave me the opportunity to contribute to science. We started to study the truth effect manipulating the font size and the language (you can read our poster to understand better what we have done).

This past weekend we attended the encounter of APPE and we had the opportunity to present our research. APPE is an association that reunites once a year in one of the universities of Portugal (this year was in Lisbon). During the two days of the meeting, investigators from all the universities presented what they have been developing in the past months or years. There are investigators in areas such as language, perception, memory, neuroscience, and so on. 

It was so amazing and I am so thankful for this opportunity. I hope this is the first of many investigations in my life...




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